Lakeside Park Elementary School

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Mrs. Drumright, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Haskins, Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Hayes, Fifth Grade Teacher

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chicka chicka boom boom

Mrs. Richardson,  Reading Specialist


the book with no picures

Mr. Jamie Clary, Mayor of Hendersonville

the very hungry caterpillarMrs. Skelton, LPE Bookkeeper


llama llama mad at mama

Mrs. Clavin, Office and Teacher Assistant




Mrs. Heather Whitaker, LPE Lead Educator


Macca the Alpaca

Abby Wyatt (Mrs. Wyatt's Daughter, Knd Teacher)


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Mrs. Decker, First Grade Teacher


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Mrs. Hutchinson, First Grade Teacher



 Mrs. Salman, First Grade Teacher


kikis blankie

 Mrs. Pigg, LPE Music Teacher


my many colored

Mrs. Cline, LPE Librarian


Sumner County Schools Shared Vision

Sumner County Schools are a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.

Lakeside Park Elementary School Mission Statement

 Lakeisde Park Elementary School will provide the best learning experience possible for each child by nurturing their strengths, building upon their weaknesses and striving toguide the growing child in the learning process of becoming a responsible citizen who values lifelong learning.